The World’s Cheapest New Car ($2500) to be introduced Thursday

Thursday Update: A picture of the Tata Nano from the Delhi car show here.,,2235975,00.html

 After years of secret preparation, the world’s cheapest car will be unveiled in Delhi this week – delighting millions of Indians as much as it is horrifying environmentalists.

At 100,000 rupees (£1,290), the People’s Car, designed and manufactured by Tata Motors, is being marketed as a safer way of travelling for those who until now have had to transport their families balanced on the back of their motorbikes.

There has never been a new car that has been as inexpensive as the new Tata people’s car! It is aimed at the growing Asian and Indian middle class, and the cheapest model does not have air conditioning or power steering. It has only one windshield wiper to save on cost. It is bare bones but “cute”. It arrives 100 years after the Model-T was introduced in 1908. 


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