Elizabeth Edwards, cancer, and confronting mortality

 John Edwards, Democratic Candidate for president, has four children – Wade, who died in a jeep accident in April 1996, Cate, who is attending Harvard Law School, Emma Claire, who is 10, and Jack, who is 8.

Elizabeth Edwards, the wife and mom, has incurable stage IV breast cancer. The doctors have found her breast cancer in a rib, and hip bone. It would be unlikely that she would live all the way through Edward’s first term. She has not given up on her mission – and wants to give as much support to her husband and her country as she can. Here is a speech she made at the 2007 California’s Woman’s Conference at Long Beach on October 23,2007, where almost all the presidential candidate wives spoke. This is inspiring because it is spot on. It reflects the truths of human existence without exploiting the spiritual realm for political votes.

Seven months ago I was forced by a medical diagnosis to confront my own mortality. If you had asked me before that day whether I had confronted my own mortality I would have said yes… I had a lot of reasons to think that I had confronted my mortality. But in truth I had not. I was content to let each day play out in whatever way it would, and I had goals and activities, but I did not think they defined me. I am not alone. I believe we all do this to some degree.

But now I ask you to live deliberately. What we do and how we do it does define us. I ask you to think about the story we want to leave behind, you want to leave behind. I use the word story instead of legacy, which is your first lady’s word, because I don’t want it to sound if we have to earn a place in the history books for our lives to have counted. Each of us just needs a story.

Please pray for the Edwards family and for God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven! In God’s kingdom, there will be no jeep accidents, no cancer, no sadness, no poverty.


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