2008 Liberty Dollars are now available

Silver and Gold Coin activist Bernard von NotHaus is out of jail and back to selling Liberty Dollars at www.libertydollar.org

As you might remember, his mint was raided by the FBI and all of his silver and gold coins were confiscated when he started minting the Ron Paul Liberty Dollar.

NotHaus worked out an agreement to reopen his mint:

Two innovations have been incorporated into its design to eliminate any possible confusion: First, as the 2008 Liberty Dollar is a “private voluntary barter currency” the PVBC acronym had been added to the currency so there is no confusion about the Liberty Dollar. Second, in keeping with other “brand name” practices, the acronym MSRP (Manufacturers Suggest Retail Price) has been added to fully disclose that the face value of $20 is the MSRP.

The 2008 $20 Liberty Dollar went for $57 in an auction on Ebay, but you can get it for around $20 at LibertyDollar.org.



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2 responses to “2008 Liberty Dollars are now available

  1. EoGuy

    I don’t think he ever WAS in jail.

  2. Bernard was never jailed or even charged. He was robbed.

    Get new Denver Liberty Dollars – Limited


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