UNICEF Report: Iraq’s children 2007: a year in their life


28% of Iraq’s 17 year olds take their final exams for high school graduation.

40% of those get passing grades in South and Central Iraq.

In 2004, 86% of children attended school. In 2006, 46% attended school.

40% of children nationwide have reliable access to safe drinking water.

Outside of Baghdad 20% have working sewage systems.

here is the report

An unnaceptable number of Iraqi schools, teachers and

pupils were targeted or caught in the crossfire of local conflict – particularly in southern and central

Iraq. Girls trying to learn suffered most severely in many parts of the country. Girls make up an

estimated 63% of children not in school, with more being kept from the classroom every day because

of insecurity and rising social conservativism in many areas.

“I love my school,” said 11-year-old Tamara, a Baghdad primary school pupil. “But this year we could

not always come to class because of the explosions in my area. My mother was afraid for me, so I

missed many lessons.”


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