Tough Questions

Here is an interesting letter of questions about Christianity:

I did put in my two cents. Her big question was on why God would send a good sincere Moslem to hell. Here is part of my response:

Here is my quick answer to her question about going to hell because you believe in the wrong religion. Jesus warned that following the path that everyone else is following is never the right idea. So following american culture gets you to the same place as following Muslim culture. Religion has no ability to usher in God’s kingdom. A careful reading of the gospels, and Jesus’s hatred of the religious leaders of his day, makes this abundantly clear.

Ergo – it simply doesn’t matter if you believe in the wrong religion because religion does not save.

So what does? Carefully read the book of Romans in the new testament. Here is my outline of the first 3 chapters:

1. A righteousness from God has been revealed – in the Gospel (1:1-16)

2. God is upset with every kind of wickedness of the non-religious (1:18-31)

3. God is even more upset with the religious because they are hypocrites who do the same things the non-religious do (chapter 2) In fact, sometimes the non-religious do the right thing even though they don’t go to church.

4. Actually, no one is righteous. Religious or Not religious. American or Iraq. No one. Not even Mother Theresa. (Rom 3). There is no difference between religious people and non-religious people (Rom 3:22 right before the famous Rom 3:23)

Anyway – I believe that the New Testament is talking much more about how to have Jesus be boyfriend #1 rather than another “do this and don’t do that” religious system. I would encourage an intense study of this theme in the Bible – maybe starting with Romans, but one of the gospels would do just as well.


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