There should be Malaysia Election Debates

update 2/23/2008:

 There is an election in Malaysia on March 8th! So if there is a debate between between Prime Minister Badawi and the opposition, I will point my international audience to the webcast.

My last webpost got some interesting comments – check them out  here.

Here are some interesting articles and opinion pieces I have read recently.

A former editor of the Malaysian Newspaper New Strait Times writes an opinion piece on whether or not Prime Minister Badawi was telling the truth when he said that he had forgotten who Anwar Ibriham is. Anwar is a Malaysian politician who is not eligible to run for office until April – after the election. Badawi forgot about this when he was doing his election planning!

…and here is an article about the Malaysian Election in cyberspace. Apparently there is a media blackout of information about the opposition candidates so people are turning to the internet to find out more. What impact will this have on the election?

Malaysian bloggers have been heavily criticised by the government which accuses them of spreading lies, and threatened severe punishment and tighter controls on Internet use.

Here is an article in the International Herald Tribune on how Malaysian churches campaign for religious freedom in elections

and here is an article on how Malaysia Police fire tear gas at flower protests

Some ethnic Indian (descendants from India laborers brought to Malaysia by the British in the 1800s) demonstrators were trying to give flowers to the prime minister but they did not have a permit for the gathering!

Ethnic Indians being hit by water canons in Kuala Lumpur.


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