RIP: Larry Norman April 8, 1947- Feb 24, 2008

 Larry Norman, one of the fathers of Christian Rock music, died this weekend at age 60. I listened to his music over and over again when I was in high school. He made a huge contribution to Christian music and the power of being genuine. Here is the words of one of my favorite songs of his:

He’s an unidentified flying object.
You will see Him in the air.
He’s an unidentified flying object.
You will drop your hands and stare.
You will be afraid to tell your neighbor.
He might think that it’s not true.
But when they open up the morning paper.
You will know they’ve seen Him too.
CHORUS I         Gm
He will come back like He promised.
With the price already paid.
He will gather up his followers.
And take them all away.
He’s an unidentified flying object.
He will sweep down from the sky.
He’s an unidentified flying object.
And some will sleep, but will not die.
He’s an unidentified flying object.
Coming back to take you home.
He’s an unidentified flying object.
He will roll away your stone.

CHORUS II                Gm
And if there’s life on other planets.
I’m sure that He must know.
And He’s been there once already.
And has died to save their souls.

For more information and to read a letter he wrote recently:

http://www.larrynorman.combyGoodbye, farewell, we’ll meet



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2 responses to “RIP: Larry Norman April 8, 1947- Feb 24, 2008

  1. johnzwart

    Thank you for drawing attention to this. I had no idea he was suffering from serious health issues. Larry Norman preformed a concert at Calvin College the first or second year I was a student there – 1977 or ’78. I went to the concert because it was free, and someone told me it would be a really good concert, and anyway it would be fun to attend. It was all of that and more. A seminal experience really. This amazing man with long blond hair, an edgy dry humour, and an awesome musical talent that melded with a moving story of sin, pain and redemption was simply unforgettable. I did not know any of the songs that night, and I confess to not really paying much attention to him and his career after that; but he had done what he was called to do. He spoke and sang and played in a way that stirred my soul for a single memorable night. And I’m sure he had the same effect on many others. It’s not too much of an imagination stretch to see him standing at God’s throne now, and hearing the words “Well done good and faithful servant.” May we all be moved by this example to hear those same words some day.

  2. Karen A. Whelan

    I loved this man’s music and ministry. I listened to his albums until the grooves were worn flat. I could and can recite the lyrics to his songs and they play at loud volume on my iPod to this date…….from HOT WAX to data file….WHO KNEW? What we do know is where he is……and that many more will be there too as a result of his work!

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