Anwar vows to end Malaysia’s Race Policies

Anwar vows to end Malaysia’s Race Policies

“If you really want to deal with the issue of poverty, why can’t we just say we have an affirmative action policy helping the poor and the marginalised. It should not be racially based.”

-Anwar Ibraham while campaigning for his wife

Malaysia has an affirmative action (more like apartheid system) called “bumiputras”, which was originally set up in the 1970s to close the wealth gap between the Chinese and the Malai. It is costing the government 43.4 billion ringgit annually- a lot of money! It ignores those who are poor and not Malay such as the many ethnic Indians and it is not being effective in helping the poor Muslim Mulays, according to this article. 

There is a new political manifesto called “A New Dawn for Malaysia”which offers help to the poor and marginalized, not to those of a certain ethnic group.


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