family news

My mother-in-law has moved from the depressing nursing home to the the Brynn Marr Rehabilitation Center – which is kind of a boot camp for old people. It is much, much nicer and more hopeful, but they work you hard to get you back on your feet again. She is still not walking, and is only standing for a second or two, after suffering a knee infection last month. We are hoping to get her back to her apartment in Ashbridge as soon as possible. She is no longer on antibiotics, and needs to strengthen her leg muscles so that she can become a candidate for knee replacement. She is suffering from crippling rheumitoid arthritis and bad nursing home food. Her tooth crown also fell out.

Sam, Katie, and Katie’s mom are coming over in a few minutes. Sam and Katie are getting married August 9th, so we might be discussing who to invite to the wedding and other wedding plans. Sam and Katie are sick of discussing wedding plans so they may take off after lunch.

Gretchen and Hannah are going to visit an art school in Memphis that is offering Hannah a 46K scholarship, and the University of Arizona next month. Kansas City Art Institute is also offering her a scholarship! She is getting accepted at all the art schools that she applied for!

Sam and Katie just showed up!

My birthday is tomorrow.


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