Anwar Ibrahim’s Historic PKR Victory Speech at his house

background: In the March 8, 2008 Malaysia Election, Anwar Ibrahim’s opposition party that mainly campaigned on youtube (because the current party controls the press and the right to assemble) won an unprecedented 71 seats. Here are some excerpts from his speech that Anwar made in his living room at the victory party.

With everyone ushered into his living room, the 60-year-old restored order with a quick, “Yang Berhormats, kita dah nak bermula. (YBs, we are about to start)

We called this meeting to meet all the Parliament and state representatives, to remind them of their commitment to a reform agenda.

This is a historic moment and marks the beginning of a new era for the country, PKR and our political partners. We won because of the support and the aspirations of all the different races.

Our representatives will be constantly reminded that the mandate is given by all Malaysians and not any specific race, Once we are done with setting up or supporting our partners in the formation of state governments, everyone must get to work immediately,

There will be no new cars or huge budgets for renovating offices and so forth. Those are the excesses of the past that we must not adopt.

We will also not surrender any cars to the outgoing excos as is the normal practice, so that everyone uses the existing vehicles. Because the tradition of selling cars to the outgoing Menteris Besar cheaply need to be stopped,

On Saturday, Malaysia went through a historic moment more important than sending a man into space.

It was momentous not because it had given the opposition its biggest mandate. It was significant not because it denied Barisan Nasional its routine two-thirds majority. It was meaningful not because it was a peaceful transition.

But it was historic because Malaysians have come of age and broke away from their communal fears to vote away from racial lines.

The rakyat are used to promises to end corruption, provide transparency and to help the poor regardless of race before. Hopefully, PKR will keep theirs.”

source: an article in by

PKR reps in a rush to get down to work
Chan Kok Leong | Mar 10, 08 11:15am that a malaysian friend left in the comments of a previous posthere:


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