The Rengen Manifesto

read this: The Rengen Manifesto

here is a short piece of this beautiful pdf:

There are three conditions essential to a renaissance:

1. Death comes first. Right before the emergence of a renaissance, the dominant civilization

declines. The tension between life and death cycles stimulates a flowering of creativity. The culture

fuses where it’s been with where it’s headed and as the civilization dies, it throws off seeds for

the next cycle, which is often more creative and robust. After all, it is being built upon something

that was remarkable.

2. A facilitating medium. The Romans built a system of roads that covered most of Europe and

far into the East to connect people with other cultures. Today, our paths converge via the Internet.

3. Elevation of human potential. There is a penchant among the people to learn, explorenew thought, contribute and exchange ideas. People regain their sense of self-determination.

This has implications to faith and to a new evangelicalism  that is not marching lock step into ecological disaster and quickening the date of Armageddon! Instead evangelical rengens can dare to be creative and to love and obey God with all our creativity and heart. It is time to renew and rediscover who we are. God’s Kingdom can be seen as a renaissance of His Spirit on earth as it is in heaven!


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