A request for materials from Zimbabwe

I just got an interesting request from the Njeremoto Biodiversity Institute for materials to build a complete solar community in Zimbabwe as a comment here. Here is what is says:


We are implementing a solar project in Zimbabwe funded by GEF SGP in Ward 23 Chipinge. We want to set up a complete Solar Community. We have built a solar charge centre. For sustainability we want the community to set up a revolving solar materials. We urgenytly require trhe forllowing items
ITEM            QTY
Lamp holders, screw type                7
DC energy saver bulbs           7
Switch 4 gang 2 way             1
Switch 1 gang 2 way             2
Switch 1 gang 1 way             4
DSO 13 Amp              6
19 mm conduit PVC               50
Nipples         50
Round Box               45
Gaddles         80
2.5 mm sq red           300
2.5 mm sq black         200
15 Amp MCB              3
5 Amp MCB               2
4 way DB                25
Cable from Battery Station/m            25
6 x 3 surface box               6
Couplings               60
Bulk head light         5
Fisher plugs            2
Insulation tape         3
Cable glands            5
Wood screws box         1
Solvent cement/litre            1
5000W pure sine wave inverter
1400W inverter for Clinic





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