The Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom is now on British Coins

New British Coin Designs

 The cool thing about the new British Coins is that they all fit together to make a single picture of the royal shield – so it is like a puzzle. The complete royal shield is on the one pound coin.  This is the most significant change in British currency since February 1971 when British currency was decimalized (100 new pee = 1 quid as opposed to something really wierd – like 20 shillings for 1 quid), which I remember because I was living in Scotland at the time!  The upper right and lower left quadrants of the shield has the three lions of England. The upper right has the Lion of Scotland, and the lower left has the Harp of Ireland. In the official coat of arms, the slogan under the royal coat of arms (not displayed on the coins) says “Dieu et mon Droit” which is old French for “God and My Right”, the official slogan of the Royals since 1422. This refers to the doctrine of the divine right of kings, and is in contrast to American coinage which always displays the word “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

There was a contest to see who could design the best coins and Matthew Dent won it.

For more information have a look at the royal mint website









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One response to “The Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom is now on British Coins

  1. Menley

    I love all the details on this shield! It shows so much hard work and culture.

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