Family Events upcoming

tomorrow April 15 – mother-in-law released from Brynn Mahr Rehab hospital, moves back to Ashbridge.

Friday, May 10 – Gretchen’s last day of student teaching

Saturday, May 24 – Sam graduates from Rochester Institute of Technology

Tuesday, June 10 – Hannah graduates from High School

July 4-6 Friday-Sunday – Mom and Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration

Saturday, July 12 – My sister Aletha’s Wedding in Boston

Saturday, August 9 – My son Sam’s Wedding in Mannassas, VA

Sunday, August 24 – Gretchen and me wedding anniversary




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2 responses to “Family Events upcoming

  1. jan (hickam) bogart

    wow! you have so much going on! congratulations on all those anniversaries, graduations and weddings! will you be in lawrence for your parents’ gig?

    congrats also to gretchen on her completion of student teaching!

    and we sure hope all goes well for gretchen’s mom. we know she’s a special lady!


  2. no, we are celebrating in Canada – and we may be coming through Detroit to get there!

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