Jubilee day

Further update: Now that the Jubilee Act has passed the House of Representatives it will have to pass the Senate and be not vetoed by the president to become law. Here is roll call vote. Check it out to see how your congressman voted.


Update: H.R. 2634 (the Jubilee Act)  passes on a convincing 285-132 vote!

This is the day that congress is going to vote on important debt forgiveness for the world’s poorest countries. This bill will save lives, so it is important that it passes.

Here are some good links:



Here is my comment on opencongress:

This bill will save lives so it deserves full support. The principle of Jubilee is found in the Old Testament where every 50 years all debts were to be cancelled so that all the tribes of Israel would get their inheritance back. It is also echoed by Jesus. It is time for the rich to help the poor instead of taking advantage of the poor. It is time for the Kingdom of God to advance on earth as it is in Heaven.





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