John McCain’s Pastor speaks

After all we know about Barack Obama’s Pastor Jeremiah Wright – I have been looking for similar insights from Hillary Clinton and John McCain’s Pastor. I just assumed one reason the media wasn’t covering McCain’s Pastor is because he simply doesn’t have one – but then I found this:

April 25 (Bloomberg) — John McCain‘s pastor ends his sermons with an altar call, beckoning any stirred souls to the front of his 3,500-seat“worship center” to publicly dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ. In McCain’s 15 years of attending Dan Yeary’s North Phoenix Baptist Church, the pastor says, the Arizona senator has never made that walk.

“All I can tell you is that John and I have had some interesting conversations” about faith, said Yeary, a 69-year- old Texan. “And we’ll have more.”

It looks like two of the three people left in the running for President of the United States are committed Christians, and the other one is a seeker.


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