Farm Party!

Gretchen had larengitis this weekend so she couldn’t come to a party celebrating the Lisa and Ike Kirschner’s new farm! Ben and I went and had a great time – there was a lot of homemade food and drink and a band. The Kirschner’s sell fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets – such as the West Chester Farmer Market that just re-opened last Saturday morning. The Kirschners have employed Gretchen and Sam and Josh at various times, and we joined their club where you pay them a lump sum in January and they provide their fantastic fruits and vegetables for you every week from June 1 to November! I am looking forward to that!

Lisa is also a talented writer and she wrote a My Turn column for Newsweek that you must read here – Farming as a Labor of Love. They also have a very organized son – Jay, who is a good friend of Ben’s. Jay and Ben used to be in a homeschool co-op together. He had the cleanest bedroom ever for a thirteen year old! Jay was the photographer for the party. Being on a farm reminded me of Kansas.


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