life update

Joshua came back from Savanah College of Art and Design, just finishing his Sophomore year. He is very glad to be back home! It is nice to have a family of 5 again! Gretchen and I blessed Hannah at church this morning since she is graduating from high school next week. Her last day is this Wednesday. She was in the Senior Student Art show, and somebody bought one of her 3D pieces on the spot. We tried to go to the Chester County Art Center to see Gretchen’s painting that was featured in the paper today – but they are closed on Sunday! I will try again next Saturday. Gretchen has a job interview tomorrow morning in Chester. It is for an art magnet school. Chester is about 45 minutes away from us.

Josh, Gretchen, and I watched a movie called Death of A President  on DVD. It is an award-winning fictional documentary about the assassination of George W. Bush, and is really quite well done. You would think it would be another Bush-bashing movie, but it is actually a low-budget who-done-a political mystery that asks interesting questions about America, terrorism, truth, power, prejudice and explores the question of whether things might get worse if he were assassinated.  I give it 4 stars.

Jeff Shaara, military novelist, is signing his latest book about D-Day at the local bookstore tomorrow. Pulitzer prize winning poet Richard Wilbur (famous in the 1950s so he must be quite old!) is speaking at West Chester University on Wednesday. There was a Stonehenge special on National Geographic tonight, but I don’t get that station. There is a very good article about “Secrets of Stonehenge” and new hints have been popping up when a new housing development dug up a burial site of a very rich German named the “Amesbury Archer” who was in the area about the same time that Stonehenge was first built (2400 BC). He was buried with gold artifacts, metal working tools, and a quiver of arrows.  The mystery keeps on getting more mysterious!





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