Cheapest hotel prices on the internet

Here are the prices I found for one night, one person at http://www.hotelscombined.comfor 2008-07-11 on 2008-06-22. Most of the lowest price is for a hostel with a shared room and a shared bathroom – and I do not know about the quality or safety of these places. I just found them on the internet. No guarantees. All prices are in United States Dollars.

New York, NY      $29 Broadway Hotel and Hostel

London, England   $25 Meininger City Hostel & Hotel London

Orlando, Florida    $30 East Palm Resort Hotel Orlando

Venice, Italy  $62   Villa Alighieri Hotel Venice

Bejing, China $8     9dragons House Hotel Beijing

San Antonio, Texas $44   Alamo Lodge Motel San Antonio

Lawrence, Kansas $39  Hallmark Inn Lawrence

Paris, France $45 Mister Bed Nemours Hotel Paris

Mexico City, Mexico $24 Fontan Hotel Mexico City

Another good web site:  and bid about half the price of the going rate. Sometimes, I have gotten great deals that way.

The free way to go is with couch surfing: for the true travel adventurer only.

The cheapest way to get around the east coast right now is with, which I have tried and liked. I am trying it again to go from Philadelphia to Boston with my family in July.

 Or stay with a friend!


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  1. I actually seem to go along with every thing that ended up being written throughout “Cheapest hotel prices on the
    internet | To the Moon”. I am grateful for all the details.

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