Sam’s Wedding

Sam and Katie

Sam and Katie

I went to Mannassas, VA this weekend to see the wedding of my oldest son Sam marry Katie. We had the wedding rehearsal at 3:00 PM on Friday. We took two cars so that we could transport my three other children – Josh, Hannah and Ben, as well as grandma to Manassas. I went directly to the church with Hannah and Josh, while Gretchen went directly to the hotel.

The rehearsal went well. After that we went to the rehearsal dinner at the City Grill, walking distance from our hotel. As father of the groom I paid for this dinner of about thirty people. The credit card company instantly sent me an IM and an email wondering if this was an authorized charge. So I called them back, and said that it was. Afterwards, people separated into their respective age groups – the teens watched a movie – the twenty-somethings went to TGIF – and the older people ironed clothes, watched the Olympics and/or talked.

Saturday morning we went to Manassas Battlefield, also know as Bull Run, where the first major battle of the Civil War (also known as the war of Northern Aggression) was fought. We saw Stonewall Jackson at Mannasas National Battlefield. His reinforcements won the battle for the South.

We went to a Tex-Mex restaurant for lunch and then it was time for the marriage.

Katie was beautiful. Sam, who just got a web programming job in New York City and an apartment in Brooklyn, NY, looked like he had things under control. His face lit up when he saw Katie going down the aisle. There were lots of bridemaids and groomsmen -like 5 each. I read something from the book of Ruth. Sam is 21 going on 22, Katie is about the same age. I had Sam when I was 25. To birth a child is something – to birth an independent world changing adult is something else!

The reception dinner was at the church. Some of the highlights was Katie dancing with her dad to Bob Calisle’s Butterfly kisses:


and Gretchen dancing with Sam to “Your Mother Should Know” by the Beatles (and totally hamming it up)

The other highlight was Lex (Josh’s fiance’) catching the broquet, and Josh glaring at T.S. who caught the garland. There is a date set for Josh and Lex’s wedding – in June of 2010.

Like most weddings – it was successful because it worked. I may update this with pictures!



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3 responses to “Sam’s Wedding

  1. Charlotte

    I really wish I could have been there Uncle Mark! Grandma and Mom both wrote to me about it, but hearing about it isn’t the same!!!

  2. Charlotte,

    It is good to hear from you! I am glad I got to see you earlier in the summer!

  3. jan (hickam) bogart

    congratulations to all the family! I will be ruminating on your thought from above, “To birth a child is something – to birth an independent world changing adult is something else!”

    We’ll see in about 15-20 more years!

    so happy for all of you,

    jan (hickam) bogart

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