Waiting for the bus in Galveston

Published September 12, 2008

GALVESTON — A dawn broke Friday, islanders found flooded streets down town, on the West End, on Heards Lane and near Teichman Road. People on Bolivar Peninsula found discovered that state Highway 87 was underwater.

Police and firefighter were rescuing people who had decided to weather the hurricane on the peninsula and taking them into High Island, said Major Ray Tuttoilmondo of the sheriff’s department.

Some carry life jackets waded through water to get rescue crews picking them up in helicopters.

State highway 87 is impassible.

The intersection state highways 124 and 87 is under a foot of water, Tuttoilmondo said

He said we would not even guess how many people decided to stay, but said he thought most had left when the mandatory evacuation was called Thursday.

On the island, people gathered at sun rise at the island community center to wait for buses to take them out of town.

No buses were coming, said officials at the city’s emergency operation center.

Officials planned to tell people to go back home.

Donald Davis who lives in the Antigua apartments on the West End had no intention of leaving, but when he saw waves cresting over the seawall, he decided to get out.


I hope there are enough helicopters to pick up everyone who is still on the island. There is also a lot of oil rigs out there. This looks like a bad storm. This is where my family went on vacation when I was growing up.


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