Life Update

We are down to three – Gretchen, Ben, and me.

My oldest son Sam married Katie this summer, and the newlyweds moved to New York City. Sam got a great web designer job in a  startup company in Soho. Gretchen and I visited them and they live in a rocking traditionally black neighborhood with three churches on their block (Brooklyn, Bed-Sty neighborhood). He lives across the street from a subway station. Their apartment is small, but everything in it is new and remodelled and the rent is semi-reasonable.

Josh is back in art school learning how to be a famous movie director. I gave him my red car that I bought new in 1997, and he is excited about moving to a different apartment in Savannah Ga.

Hannah is a freshman at the Memphis College of Art. I am missing her. We now have two spare bedrooms.

My wife Gretchen now has 4 part-time teaching jobs. So far, she has mainly been substitute teaching for the public schools and is enjoying it far more than the student teaching she did in the spring.  She is also going to tutor high school students on their SAT tests, teach art at the nursury school level, and do nursury school substitute teaching. This is a big switch from being a homeschooling mom, which is what she has mainly done for the last twenty years.

We forgot to get Ben his sports physical, so he has been unable to participate in cross-country until TODAY! We finally got him in to see the doctor today. He is in the eighth grade.

I am going on a business trip to Oxford, England next month – the second week of October! I am looking forward to that.

This blog recently went over 50,000 hits. I never expected that would happen! It is fascinating to look at the statistics, and try to figure out why some things are so popular (like mooncakes). It is a pleasure to do this and I hope you, my readers, are encouraged by what you read here!





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2 responses to “Life Update

  1. I actually have five jobs, because I am teaching for Art Partners in Coatesville once or twice a week after school starting in October.

  2. plus you’re my wife, so thats six jobs! a lot of hats.

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