RIP: Pastor Jeff Gowesky

I am reading the family journal of Jeff Gowesky with tears in my eyes. He is a former pastor and a very godly and gentle man. He would pour out his love for Jesus and exemplified what a good pastor is. He loved his flock and his family and brought the congregation into close fellowship with God especially in communion services. I loved the communion service so much that I wished we did it every week, instead of once a month, which is the Baptist tradition.

One of the last things Jeff did, before resigning from Goshen, was baptizing my youngest son, Ben.

To bring you up to speed, he got Altzheimers, probably in his late fifties. That turned into a progressive brain disease called Lewy Body Demensia. This has progressed, and he is now at home on a hospital bed waiting to see the Savior, with oxygen and morphine. The family is all coming down to be with him during his final moments. They are keeping a journal at carebridge.

Pastor Gowesky is faithful to the end. Here is one of the family’s journal entries:

I realize that all I wrote told about the physical side of Daddy. On Sunday morning he and my mom were praying and he prayed, “I don’t talk too well, Jesus, but I really love you.”

Daddy has always been a man who loves the Lord with all his heart, mind, and soul. Even in his sufferring he continues to love and serve the Lord. The example that he continues to set for us, his family is indescribable.

to read the journal and sign the guestbook:

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