Phillies win the East!

The Phillies won the Eastern Division in exciting fashion – the score was 4-3 Phillies, the Nationals had the bases loaded in the Ninth, and the Phillies got a double play to end the game.

I had to check what happened last year:

In 2007, the Phillies won the East by 1 game over the Mets.

The Phillies were then swept by the Colorado Rockies 😦

In Game 1 on October 3, 2007, they lost 2 to 4 in Philadelphia.

In Game 2 on October 4, they lost 5 to 10 in Philadelphia.

In Game 3 on October 6, they lost 1 to 2 in Denver.

The 2007 season was also memorable in that the Phillies became the first professional sports team to lose 10,000 games.

I hope they do better in the playoffs this year 🙂


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