Proposition K: Legalizing Sex Trafficking in San Francisco

There is a proposition to legalize all forms of prostitution in San Francisco that is called Proposition K. It would forbid local authorities from investigating, arresting or prosecuting anyone for selling sex. Read about it from CNN HERE.

The reason that this is such a bad idea is that people enslave teenage girls for purposes of their own greed. Prostitution is not a victimless crime. It involves taking advantage of the innocence and naivety of people and making them into sex slaves and cash cows. It is demeaning to women and to human liberty.

There are many issues being decided on election day that effect the nation morally besides the big decision of the leader of the free world. In California there are propositions ranging from gay marriage to whether chickens have a right to spread their wings. Read about them here.



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5 responses to “Proposition K: Legalizing Sex Trafficking in San Francisco

  1. christine100

    The opponents of this proposition K are telling lies, and scare tactics to get people to vote against it. By lying and saying that all prostitutes are forced to do it against their will. Yet they can never find anyone who was a victim of this. Where are all these victims? Why aren’t they coming out and talking and showing themselves? It’s just a made up lie. It is very difficult to force anyone to do something against their will. They would need 24 hour guards, and be watched over like being in prison, with no chance to escape. Try getting someone to do something they don’t want to do and see how successful you are – you won’t be. Since this is a victimless crime, the opponents and racial feminists need to invent a victim in order to get support. They could have chosen the johns, the hookers or the city itself. They chose the hookers to be the victims even though it’s the hookers who want to decriminalize because they realize it’s the police, justice system and the government that hurts them, not the johns. Why is it that the ONLY people who are working for this to pass are the prostitutes themselves? Why would the victims themselves want this to pass? Maybe it is because they are victims of the police and justice system who abuse them and their customers. By the way, there is a federal law the says any foreigner who was a victim of prostitution in the USA if they go to the justice department and complain and help prosecute their pimp, then they can stay in the USA, get a green card and become a US citizen. So that means these women will then be encouraged to lie about it, in order to become citizens. So if you are a woman, just lie, pick a random guy to be your pimp and you can become a US citizen, and get money from the government. Easy – isn’t it?

  2. Christine,

    This is what is happening – women and girls in Asia are promised good jobs in America for a sum of money paid to their parents. When they get here – it turns out to be prostitution! The pimps tell the girls that they must pay off their debts by selling themselves about twelve times a day. This is well documented in the New York Times and The San Francisco Chronicle and simply googling. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. Why don’t the girls leave? They do not believe that there is help out there for them, and they are afraid that their captors will throw acid in their faces and other punishments. San Francisco is actually a hub of activity for the human trafficking trade. That is why I am so against proposition K.

    There is help for them. I don’t want prostitutes to go to jail, I want them to go to church! Jesus hated the judgmental pharisees but he was friends with the prostitutes. They loved Jesus because he offered them love and forgiveness and freedom. My wish is that everyone would learn to love one another. This is what Jesus taught.

    I wish you all the best. Thank you for your comments, even though I disagree with them.


  3. Mark,

    I actually had a heated debate with someone about this…he told me that it’s a woman’s choice to become a prostitute. He has a daughter, so I asked him, “Has your daughter ever turned to you and said, ‘Daddy, when I grow up I want to be a prostitute!'”

    I recently learned that the Port in Philadelphia is a hub for trafficked women and children.

    I’m glad that San Francisco did the right thing on this one.


  4. Christine,

    For women who are trafficked, there are guards around them 24/7, collecting all of their money that they’ve earned while being raped.

    What is not widely recognized by law enforcement, unfortunately, is that the women are the victims and that the “johns” are the ones breaking the law.

    Do you honestly believe that a woman would agree to be beaten, transported in a steel container with no climate control and no bathroom, held captive, forced to have sex (ie being raped) with several men a night to meet some extraordinarily high quota, risk contracting deadly diseases, so that she can claim that she was trafficked into the country, turn on her pimp and get a free green card? Most, if not all, of these women live with the fear that their family in their home county will be KILLED if they talk to the police.

    Here are some websites that you can check out if you still think that I am perpetuating a lie:


  5. CP

    “Try getting someone to do something they don’t want to do and see how successful you are – you won’t be.”

    Point a gun at someone’s head and THEN try getting him/her to do something against his/her will and see how successful you are – you will be.

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