Israel on the American Election

The Jerusalem Post has a lot to say about the American Election.

Here is one of my favorite editorials. Here, the author is making the point that American Jews should vote for the better man, rather than the one who supports Israel the most (although they both support Israel)

Let us play out the fears bluntly. If Barack Obama is a great president, it will be great for Israel, whether or not he squeezes Israel to make more territorial concessions than most Israelis like (but some Israelis believe are absolutely necessary).

And if John McCain is a terrible president, he will be disastrous for the world, including Israel, even if he never pressures Israel on anything.

but then he adds:

Given the sobering conditions America faces it will be hard for the next president to achieve greatness – although the contrast with George W. Bush may give him a great boost.

Jews who live in America are voting  overwhelming (70%-29%) support Obama while American Jews who live in Israel are voting overwhelmingly for McCain  (76%-24%)

Here is a link to Jerusalem Post America Decides 2008 the Jewish Angle




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