High-interest Checking

Check out https://www.checkingfinder.com/ 

I noticed that my bank had a checking acount that pays 5% interest rather than .00025% interest. This is a bit of a no-brainer, but they don’t exactly tell you how easy it is to switch.  I got up the courage to ask the clerk about it, and she just switched something on the computer, and had me sign something! I did not have to change my checking account number.  5% is also quite a good deal when you compare it to what the stock market is paying out, and is more than online checking. There are some hoops to jump through:

1. You must use your debit card ten times a month to get the high interest.

2. You must have automatic deposit to the account

3. You must use online banking at least once a month.

All of these things, except for maybe for #1, I was already doing. Another benefit – you get reimbursed for charges at an ATM machine up to $25 a month. There  is a maximum (like $35,000 or some strataspheric-like number). This looks like a good deal.


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