The spouse of Andrew Jackson

2008 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin Jackson’s Liberty (X21)

The spouse of President Andrew Jackson did not make it on her first spouse gold coin. She is not a memorable person.  She did not live up to the standards of womanhood of a Martha Washington or a Dolly Madison – or even of a Hillary. Her husband won the white house, but by then, Mrs. Jackson’s heart had been busted by the slander and gossip of the election, and she died before Jackson took office. She was buried on Christmas Eve, 1828 and Jackson became president in January 1829.  That is why she is not on the Andrew Jackson First Spouse coin. Jackson said that he could forgive those who had insulted him during the election, but that he could never forgive those who had personally attacked his wife.

The reason for the personal attacks were that Mrs. Jackson married Andrew before she had divorced her first husband, Captain Lewis Robards, who she had married at the age of 17. She says he was jealous of her, and living with him was impossible. He says that she ran off with Andrew Jackson. This happened when she was 24.  Her first husband told her that he had divorced her, so she married Andrew. However the divorce had not actually finalized.

The name of this unmemorable bigamist – Mrs. Jackson was Rachel. But  you can forget that, because it won’t be on the test.



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2 responses to “The spouse of Andrew Jackson

  1. Linda

    According to some knowledgeable historians Andrew Jackson also had African American in his genetics. If history is to be told that should be included.

  2. Jackson was the first generation son of Irish immigrants so I doubt that he had African American in his genetics. There were rumors that his mother was a prostitute who slept with black men in the very nasty 1828 election campaign, but these were false. Jackson did own 200 African American slaves.

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