The spouse of President Van Buren

2008 First Spouse Series One-Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin Van Buren’s Liberty (X23)

The spouse of President Martin Van Buren  (1837-1841) was even more unmemorable than Rachel Jackson. She was very quiet and sickly and died after having 5 sons in 12 years. She raised them primarily by herself since Martin was never home. She is so unmemorable that Van Buren never mentions her by name in his autobiography. She was very religious and Dutch. She did not like to speak much in English because she had a Dutch accent.  She is the most obscure of the first ladies. She married  her lifelong friend Martin at the age of 24 (a spinster’s age at the time) and died at the age of 35, years before Van Buren became president. She does not make it onto the Gold Van Buren Spouse Coin.  A picture of Queen Liberty is there instead.


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  1. very nice research about Martin van buren’s and his first spouse, its a pitty she did not make it as the first spouse as she died but nice piece.

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