In defense of Israel

I think the media is not covering this very well so I will blog about it.

Israel is acting out of its own self-defense because the terrorist group Hamas was  and is sending suicide bombers and rockets into Israel. The United States would do the same thing if a terrorist organization took over Mexico or Canada and then proceeded to kill American civilians. Gaza used to be part of Israel. Israel decided to unilaterally withdraw, including moving settlers out of the Gaza strip in 2005. They did this out of the goodness of their heart, and this is what they get in return! This is not a pre-emptive strike caused by the changing of the American President. This is an emptive strike against terrorists who are hiding among civilians. It is much more justified than the United States invasion of Iraq where the United States was simply denied the right to search Iraq’s military arsenals.

The problem is that Hamas and Iran want to wipe out Israel and kill Jews. If they say and mean that is not what they want to do, Israel would abide by the two-state solution. The terrorism must stop. Israel must also stop killing innocent people in Gaza. I hope President Elect Obama gets this.



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4 responses to “In defense of Israel

  1. Matt

    I agree that Israel has the right to defend themselves, but the manner in which they do it, I believe, is unjustifiable. They kill indiscriminately, today even hitting the UN Headquarters in Gaza. Some agencies report that over half of those killed are non-combatants. If this is true, and after seeing the way Israel attacked Lebanon with cluster munitions that left literally millions of unexploded bomblets in civilian areas I believe that these reports are true, I think it is time for Israel to stop. Secondly, I am reminded of the verse “everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.” If Israel is looking for peace, they need to work for it. Every time one Israeli is killed, they feel justified to kill 100 Palestinians. This type of mindset will never bring reconciliation or peace, but only more hatred and bloodshed. I write this, not in defense of Hamas or terrorism, but as my perspective on the Israeli response.

    • Matt,

      Thank you for your response! I think Israel is trying very hard to only drop bombs on terrorist targets and not to kill indiscriminately. They often drop pamphlets to tell the non-terrorists what they plan on doing. Often times, though, the terrorists hide in schools and hospitals etc and use innocent people as human shields. Israel was being regularly bombed by thousands of rockets – 300 in the third week of December alone. Even though this was not creating a lot of deaths so far (because of Israel’s excellent rocket warning system) it was creating a lot of fear and chaos. The purpose of terrorism is to create on atmosphere of fear and intimidation and it was succeeding. Furthermore, the war in Iraq has resulted in 100,000 non-combatant casualties, with no Iraqi rockets landing in the United States. I believe this is unjustifiable, is not pro-life, and is not in proportion to the actual threat.

      I agree with you that indiscriminate killing is not the answer, but to just let terrorist groups like Hamas just spread fear is not the answer either. Thank you for your perspective!

  2. Matt

    I hear what you’re saying and hope that Israel is truly doing as much as you say to protect the innocent. I guess my fundamental belief is that you can’t kill out terrorism. I agree we must respond to terrorist organizations, but I think over the past 10 years we have utterly failed to reduce the hatred that fuels terrorism. Therefore, I believe the best response to violence is often much more nuanced and thought out than simply responding with disproportionately more violence. Jesus calls us to be peacemakers there is truth to His word! What would happen if we invested 1/1 millionth as much time, money and energy in innovation in peacemaking. I just think that for each terrorist you kill, you create 10 more and thereby play into the terrorists hands. That is why I believe finding other means to respond is a MORE effective way to respond to terrorism, instead of NOT a response to terrorism (which some people interpret it as).

  3. Matt-
    I feel like the purpose of this war is not to kill out terrorists as much as it is to preserve Israel. The media is completely missing the fact that this is a religious war being fought for holy land. Hamas says that the Gaza Strip is the biggest open-air concentration camp in history, but really, they want Israel to remove the wall so they have a better shot at killing Israeli civilians. They said they wanted land for peace, but when the land was unilaterally given to them, they just formed another beachhead, and continued firing real rockets into civilian targets inside of Israel.

    What do you suggest as a better solution that will preserve the life of the innocent and preserve Israel as a nation?

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