Covenant coach who beat Dallas Academy 100-0 is fired

update: Coach Micah Grimes tells his version of the story here.

 A Dallas Christian High School just fired their basketball coach, Micah Grimes  for running up the score in a girls basketball game, and not demonstrating a Christ-like attitude.  The school issued this statement.  Coach Grimes then issuing a post and an email that said in part “I do not agree with the apology or the notion that the Covenant School girls’ basketball team should feel embarrassed or ashamed”.

Here is a video to the losing team – The Dallas Academy Girls – reaction to their 100-0  loss. They will be on Good Morning America tomorrow.

I think Jesus would have told the girls to play to the best of their ability – so nothing done by either team of girls was shameful. But if He was the ref, He would have stopped the game at half-time. But I wasn’t there. Jesus was though.

To the Moon Solution: Have the Covenant team play the biggest Dallas High School’s girl basketball team. On ESPN.



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2 responses to “Covenant coach who beat Dallas Academy 100-0 is fired

  1. Uncontainable Spirit

    If Christ had the opportunity to save 100 souls should he only save 59 so that the devil won’t feel bad?

  2. I am hoping that Jesus saves all the souls and that hell will be so lonely for Satan that he will finally say the sinner’s prayer.

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