623,805 international students attend US Universities

…and this is an all-time high.


This number is up from 7% last year. In 2003 this number was 572,509. In 1971 it was  140,126

61% are from Asia (#1 India, #2 China, #3 Korea, #4 Japan)

Double digit increases over last year are happening for India  (up 13%) China (20%) and South Korea (11%)

The University with the most international students is USC. The state with the most is California, and the city with the most is New York, NY.

Students from Saudi Arabia made a huge jump in the past year (up 25%) because of a investment of scholarships by the Saudi Arabia government. Saudi Arabia is now back on the list of ten largest sending countries at #9 for the first time since 1982/83.

Nigeria is the largest sending country from Africa, replacing Kenya.

The United States beats out China in  number of students, China has 200,000 international students. The top 3 sending countries to China are Korea, the United States, and Japan. http://english.gov.cn/2009-03/26/content_1268904.htm


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