Makoto Fujimura in Philadelphia

Gretchen and I are planning to go to the opening reception of the art of Makoto Fugimuro this Friday. The White Stone Gallery is located in the Manayunk area of Philadelphia. I will venture forth using public transportation from downtown Philly, while Gretchen will drive in from West Chester.

From the artist’s blog (which is a beautiful blog!):

Makoto Fujimura Solo Exhibit, Olana-Psalms of Ascent will open at White Stone Gallery in Philadelphia
April 3- June 21st, 2009

Opening Reception: Friday, April 17, 7-9 pm

I will be exhibiting devotional works never before exhibited, such as the “Olana – Matthew Six” piece shown above.

Special Offer: I have prepared special, handmade bookmarks to be available as a gift, only to those who purchase Refractions: a journey of art, faith and culture at the gallery!


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