Together Through Life by Bob Dylan

update: I got the album off of iTunes and agree that his voice has turned into what he could merely imitate earlier in his career. This bluesy recording central theme is that what makes life worth living is the relationships we have – even though says “its all good” he doesn’t really mean it. We live in a pretty trashed up place.

Bob used Gotta Serve Somebody as the opening song in Copenhagen on March 29 and Saarbrücken on April 5. This is a song from his Slow Train Coming album which is from his gospel tunes period. I hope he plays it in Allentown PA where I plan to see him in July.

He sings:

“I’m listening to Billy Joe Shaver and I’m reading James Joyce/Some people they tell me I got the blood of the land in my voice.” I feel a change coming on

but I am listening to Bob Dylan on the train into Philly, while the slow train travels through the ruins of urban decay and sadness.  5 Stars.

end of update

Bob Dylan is releasing his new album this week – “Together Through Life”. Rolling Stone magazine gives it an excellent review (4 stars) and says:

Dylan’ throat has neve been anyone’s idea of clear and soaring. But as a young folk singer, he strained to sound older and more sorely tested than he was, as if he had known Charley Patton, A.P. Carter and the Great Depression first hand. He’s finally there, with an authentically pitted instrument ideally suited to the devastating settings of these songs and the rusted desert-shed production…

Bob Dylan is now 67 years old and improving with age!  The other good news is that Bob Dylan has announced his tour dates. He is playing minor league baseball stadiums with Willie Nelson. The seats are $67.50 general admission, but each adult ticket entitles you to one free child’s ticket (14 and below).  If you get them at the presale on, you are allowed to go into the stadium half an hour early at 4:30, for the 5:30 show. I am considering going to the Allentown PA show with Ben, my 14 year old, in July.

You can also follow Bob Dylan on twitter at, so I am doing that too. I checked to see if I could follow Jesus Christ at but he speaks Spanish.


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