Summer by Jon Foreman

Here are my notes on Jon Foreman’s Summer season EP which is available at itunes etc.

Jon Foreman, the head singer of Switchfoot,  has put out 4 EPS for the four seasons. I now have all four seasons – Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

I like Summer the best.

A Mirror is Harder to Hold

Paul Simonish.  Since a mirror is so much harder to hold I think I will leave this song alone.  It is about being imperfect in love.

Resurrect Me.

A nice song! Upbeat.  A prayer. Resurrect me. What is that instrument? Indian sounding.

Deep in Your Eyes (There is a River)

Apparently, Jon’s wife has a river deep in her eyes.

Instead of a show

5 STARS! A prophetic song about how God hates church meetings that are only shows with no show of justice. “I hate all your show”. Instead let there be a flood of justice!

House of God, Forever

Harmonica! Psalm 23. Beautiful.


Its that instrument again. Dulcimer? God is turning hearts back to Himself… again.


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