Don Quixote Reviewed

Don Quixote is nuts! The best character in this play is a puppet – Rocinante who is really a large rickety tricycle with an expressive donkey head on it. His creator is Emily Decola. There are homeless people playing some of the parts. One of the best things is the band – a gypsy punk band called the Psalters – that plays loud gypsy instruments on the balcony. Don Quixote is completely out of his mind as he rescues prostitutes from their johns, causing immense pain to himself and Sancho. He attacks a windmill that he thinks is a giant. This is extraordinarily well done, and they feed you afterwards. The theater is the back of a beautiful Presbeterian Church that has seen better days. It looked like the room must once-upon-a-time been a beautiful chapel, but now is mainly used to store stuff.  I sat on the balcony on an old pew. I had an excellent view of the gypsy punk band. The director, Lear Debessonet is world famous. She got written up in the New York Times. She only does plays in places like this.

This is better than anything that you could see across the street and its only $15 and includes dinner, which I ate with the director’s uncle and aunt.


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