Iran Guardian Council:Iran’s Vote Count is incorrect

This is from PressTV, the government press of Iran. The Iran Guardian Council admits that more than 100% voted in 50 Cities to the tune of 3 million ballots.

How can anyone  who knows basic arithmetic conclude anything else but that there is irregularities going on? There are three million reasons in fifty different cities  for the government to stop killing the student demonstrators, and have another election instead. The demonstrators are 100% right, and the clerics are 110% wrong!

This is not Islam. This is not religion. This is murder  in the name of political power, that is being televised on youtube and reported on twitter. God hates this.

I would encourage any news hound to go to, and register for an account. After you register you should type in #IranElection in the search text box on the right hand side (or click on it)

You will be barraged with tweets. Soon (about 5 seconds) you will see a line telling you that there has been 76 more tweets since your last update – most are eyewitness acounts or links to videos.  May truth prevail!


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