Water on the Moon

The conventional wisdom was that there was no water on the moon until this week. Now scientists have confirmed that there is water on the moon:

ABC NEWS – Big Splash: How water on the Moon Was Found

NEW YORK TIMES- A Damp Moon Overhead, Sept 24, 2009

NATIONAL Geographic – Moon Water Found, Raises Questions about Origin Theory – July 9, 2008

Scientists have believed that the moon was created before the earth had water on it – but there is an interesting data source that teaches something different – Genesis 1! Genesis clearly teaches that water was created before the moon was created.

Water was created before the days of creation when God was just hovering around, and then on day 2 he messes with the water. It is not until day 4 that God makes the moon. Day 4 must have been a busy day, because God made the stars on that day too!

Now lets look at what scientists have thought about the origin of the moon. I am using the wikipedia article The Giant Impact Hypothesis as my primary source. The original theory was postulated by a man by the son of Charles Darwin (child #5) – George Darwin, in 1898. He thought that the earth once was a molten ocean of rock.  He believed that centrifugal forces spun off some molten rock billions of years ago.  In 1946, Reginald Daly of Harvard University, argued that the moon was more likely to have been created by massive impact rather than by just centrifugal force. This would have happened 4.53 billion years ago. The name of the hypothetical planet   that impacted the earth and created the moon is called Theia, named after the Greek Goddess who greek  myths teach us is the mother of the moon. Studying the moon rocks that were returned by the Apollo moon missions provided evidence that the earth and moon were created at about the same time (similar oxygen isotopes). The impact of Theia and the Earth  would have been hot enough and long enough for the building blocks of water, to completely vaporize.

It is nice that the moon has a lot of water on it, because water (h20) has hydrogen and oxygen it it. There is no longer any need to build a space pipeline along with the space elevator, since maybe we can convert the water into breathable oxygen, and the hydrogen into fuel!

By the way – To the Moon doesn’t  know how the moon was created because he wasn’t around at the time, but he knows the One who created it!


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