Dreaming on Martin Luther King Jr Day

I have a dream that many guys would man up and commit to love one woman for a lifetime, and that all children would have 2 parents that love and do not abuse each other. Cohabitation is destroying the concept of marriage, not gay marriage.
I have a dream that many young people and couples would become missionaries in Africa. They can pay off their VISA’s and Mastercard’s just as well over there as over here.
I have a dream that American churches would adopt African villages and build a well of clean water for each and every village.
I have a dream that there would be no invisible children in Uganda.
I have a dream that church on Sunday would be not the most segregated hour of the week, but the most desegregated.
I have a dream that churches would have both English and Spanish and sign language services in America.
I have a dream that there will be a pro-life health care bill and all the Democrats will vote for it and all the Republicans will vote against it.
I have a dream that instead of sending Soldiers to kill the children of Afghanistan and Iraq, that the United States would be sending Nurses and Doctors and School Teachers.
I have a dream that blacks would have the same life spans as whites.
I have a dream that Houston would stop building the biggest abortion extermination center outside of China (78000 ft, 6 floors, clinics designed for late 2nd trimester term abortions) which is aimed at aborting minority children in that city. http://www.plannedparenthood.org/pphset/moving.htm
I have a dream that every child, black, white or Spanish,  in Houston will receive good education and health care.
I have a dream that Sarah Palin would not be our next president or secretary of state.
I have a dream that they would design a stun gun that doesn’t kill people and that cops would carry these instead of real guns.
I have a dream that revival would break out in America, starting with the cities. Maybe starting in Philadelphia.
I have a dream that there would be no nuclear weapons in ANY country, including the USA.
I have a dream that no country would use water boarding (simulated drowning) – which is torture.
I have a dream that the Taliban would discover peace and Jesus Christ and start respecting women.
I have a dream that the news of Jesus Christ would spread throughout the entire world – Asia, Africa, Europe, Americas, Antartica, the North Pole – and the result of this would be prosperity for all, instead of prosperity for the few, and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


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4 responses to “Dreaming on Martin Luther King Jr Day

  1. John Ordover

    A few things: First, it is not necessary to embrace Jesus Christ to become peaceful – in fact, Christianity as a whole has no record of supporting peace over war; whether someone is a church-going Christian has no impact as a whole on whether they are nice to people or nasty. Christianity hasn’t exactly shown a consistent respect for women throughout its history, or even today.

    There are stun-guns, but they have severe limitations at the moment; they’re working on it.

    As for a revival, to us non-Jews find the notion of a Christianized America frightening, and for good reason. Historically when Christians are in charge, everyone else suffers at their hands.

    Nuclear weapons haven’t been used in combat since the U.S. last used them; they have in an odd way kept the peace by preventing massive land wars between countries that both have nukes, like India and Pakistan.

    If you want to desgregate a church, change churchs and join a “black church.” Be the change you want.

    Mark, Christianity has a history of spreading terror and destruction wherever it goes, not because its philosophy of peace but despite it; can you think of one Christian goverment -really- turned the other cheek? Or do they tend to crush unbelievers underfoot? Thou Shalt Not Kill seems to always bet an “except for” put after it.

    Now, a world where everyone followed the precepts preached by Jesus would be great; but I’ve yet to see how Christianity as an organized whole furthers that behavior.

  2. John Ordover

    I mean “non-Christians” not “non-Jews” above.

  3. Charlotte Ashlock

    John, take another look at the historical context for the word “revival.” Revival refers to events like the First and Second “Great Awakening,” which were not political but social movements.

    Specifically, the Awakenings represented a transition away from “religion based on rules” and squabbles between sects, and a shift towards a more emotional form of religion, in which the common man could feel a personal relationship with God. They represented a democratization of religion. Rather than achieving salvation through obeying a minister or church hierarchy, salvation could be achieved through a simple change of heart at a revival meeting.

    Some of the sermons from that time are pretty scary, focusing on the gruesome punishments which will be inflicted in the afterlife. However, that was partly to make the sermons more exciting, so more people would come. The preachers didn’t want to be dry.

    I think the founding fathers were very wise to put the separation of church and state in the constitution. This simple rule helped America avoid the gruesome religious conflicts that were rife in Europe at the time. In America, I don’t think its true that non-Christians suffer when Christians are in power. We have legal mechanisms cleverly designed to prevent this kind of intolerance. Although they are not infallible, they work most of the time. There is also a strong cultural bias towards tolerance– that’s why people generally make the attempt to say “happy holidays” rather than “merry christmas,” if they think of it.

    For these reasons, I don’t think a revival would really threaten the rights of non-Christians, unless it took on an unfamiliar and malign form. In America’s past, revivals have not been about hating the outsider. They’ve been about replacing habit and ritual with enthusiasm and sincerity. When there’s a lot of emotion, there’s always the chance that a mob mentality will take over, so I guess I understand the nervousness John feels. At the same time, I hate it when people are just going through the motions and their hearts are not in things. So in my opinion, the right kind of revival could be a good thing for America.

    P.S. confused by your health care bill comment. what about bipartisanship?

  4. Charlotte Ashlock

    One more important thing: I don’t think intolerance happens because of religion. In fact, intolerance is a problem that religion often tries to solve. For example, Muhammed was pushing for unity between warring tribes and peace with Jews and Christians. He would probably be horrified by how things have turned out today.

    I think intolerance happens because it’s part of human nature to demonize the Other. If religion disappeared, we would still have the same amount or intolerance; it would just be based on political philosophy or ethnicity instead of religion. That’s why the Constitution goes to great lengths to safeguard a pluralistic society.

    All the Christians I know practice what they preach when it comes to tolerance.

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