Review for “Hope For Haiti Now” Download

I was expecting some nice tunes, but this is music by the greatest musicians giving their best efforts to help out Haiti after the terrible earthquake, like only 2 weeks after the catastrophe happened. I have not heard anything this great from Rock and Roll since the 1971 Concert of Bangladesh with George Harrison and Ravi Shankar and Bob Dylan and Ringo Starr which raised 243K for Bangladesh which had just suffered a cyclone and a terrible war.
This music restores my faith in the power of music and America to do good – a faith that was sorely tested after the slow response to the Katrina disaster in New Orleans.

Here’s my song rundown:

Send Me An Angel – The beautiful voice of Alicia Keyes who “Sometimes I feel like… I don’t belong anywhere” but is begging for an angel to direct her to heaven so that she doesn’t feel like a dove with no wings. Very heartfelt.

A Message of 2010 – ColdPlay plays a catchy tune about how they are not going to take a bath until the message hits home that we should help NOW.

We Shall Overcome – Bruce Springsteen sings that old great spiritual – We shall overcome someday. We are not afraid! Here in my heart we shall overcome day. Haiti will overcome.

Time to Love/Bridge Over Trouble Waters – Stevie Wonder does Bridge Over Trouble Waters with more sheer honesty and spirit than Art Garfunkel.

I’ll Stand By You – Shakira sings that she will “Stand By You” no matter what! I guess even if we believe in voodoo!

Motherless Child – John Legend gets “Sometimes I feel like a…” exactly right. Sometimes he feels like a motherless child. A long, long way from home. A great cover of this bluegrass classic.

Hard Times Come Again No More – Mary J. Blige A plea to Hard Times to not come again to her cabin door no more. Another beautiful voice!

Breathless -Taylor Smith sings about orphan survivors running into her arms breathless. “I will never judge you. I can only love you.”

Lift Me Up – Christina Aguilera wants to be lifted up.

Driven To Tears – Sting gets preachy. A great musical sermon with a great solo.

Halo – Beyonce can see Haiti’s Halo. A beautiful song.

Lean on Me – Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, and Keith Urban cover “We all need someone to lean on!”. Just call on me brother, when you need a hand. I will remember that.

Like a Prayer – Madonna – in the midnight hour I can feel Your power! Especially when You call out Madonna’s name!

Hallelujah – Justin Timberlake – Bathsheba makes an appearance in this song.

Let it Be – Jennifer Hudson covers the Beatles song.

Many Rivers to Cross – Emeline Michel sings a sad song about the trial of crossing rivers.

Stranded – Jay-Z, Bono, the Edge, Rilianno I’m not going to lead you stranded. A great song written about the Haiti earthquake. “The Saints are Coming” hit of the album. I hope this song is true.

Alone and Forsaken – Dave Matthews and Neil Young sing about tragedy and God.

Rivers of Babylon/Yele – Wyclei Jean starts out with Psalm 137 and then goes crazy! Actually I think this is the greatest song on the album! The earth shake! But the soul of the Haitian people will never break!

Stranded – an even better version of “I am not going to leave you stranded!”

Truly a great download with the money going to a great cause!

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