Should a 13 yr old sex slave be prosecuted for prostitution and her pimp get off?

Houston Texas, which has been called  the national hub of human trafficking, recently had an interested case of mentally retarded 13 year old runaway girl being  prosecuted for prostitution even though the legal age for consenting to sex  is 14.

The case involves a girl identified as B.W., taken from her mother at age 11 and placed with Child Protective Services. After running away from CPS, she was picked up by Houston Police Department officers two years later after they observed her trying to sell herself on the street. She was booked on charges of prostitution. Later, after her age of 13 became known, she was placed in the juvenile system and charged with delinquency for committing prostitution instead of returning her to CPS.


The Texas Supreme Court hearing is here between the lawyers who are arguing whether a child can be prosecuted for prostitution. I watched it in its 45 minute entirety because I was pretty shocked! This is shock and awe material for anyone familiar with how sex slavery is done. It takes a while for the page to load the video, but I believe if you are interested in human trafficking it may be worth your watching to see what we are up against and how our system is so anti  girls who are under the influence of sex traffickers.

Highlights are minute 9:30 where Ann Johnson begins her argument that sending 13 year old girls to jail for prostitution is a bad idea and will just cause a vacuum that will get the human trafficker to find another 13 year old runaway, convince her that he loves her, and then sell her body for sex, pick her up, and then pick her up and her cash after she is done.

After that- go to minute 29:30

Judges : Has anyone gone to see who this alleged boyfriend is?

DA: The record is silent about that. I can’t tell you.

Judge: Do you find that disturbing?

Yes it is disturbing!



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2 responses to “Should a 13 yr old sex slave be prosecuted for prostitution and her pimp get off?

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