Remembering the 7 days of Creation

On day 1 God created light,  because light is Primary

On day 2 God created the sky, because he wanted to separate 1 – the heavens from 3- the earth

On day 3 God created the fertile earth, because earth is the third planet from the sun

On day 4 God created the sun and moon and stars because Four and Fiery both start with F

Now we only have 3 days left and we know the last day God rests so He has to get busy creating everything biological!

On day 5 God creates the birds and the fish- inhabitants of the sky and sea.

On day 6 God creates the animals including mankind – land creatures.

On day 7 God creates rest and relaxation because it is the Sabbath day – Saturday!

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One response to “Remembering the 7 days of Creation

  1. Hannah

    Thanks a lot. This really helped me remember the days of creations

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