Christianity in 2011 – Take 2

I wanted to make sure that I actually said what I intended to say from my last post.

The modern world provides us with many tools to do things that were not available in the world that the Bible was written in.

Instant communication to all nations on a social network is an example of this. In a few hours and an affordable plane ticket I can be in India with somebody pounding on my taxi wanting a few rupees. I can make a micro-loan over the internet that can give a poor family a new income.

On the other hand, a politician can press a button and make an entire city disappear, or a terrorist can put a vial of cheap poison in a city’s water supply, or blow herself up at a Sunday service with a homemade bomb.

JFK is correct that technology (not government, I am not talking about government here, I am interested in technology)  can make life miserable or wipe out disease (like Malaria or Polio).

What does the gospel have to say to the billions of people who are on earth who are poor in 2011?



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