The Fate of Every Person

Rob Bell recently wrote a book called “Love Wins- a book about Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of every person who ever lived.”  This is serious topic. A lot of people of people believe that the people who are exactly like them and believe in Christmas and Easter are going to heaven, while those who believe in Eid or Hannakuh or same sex marriage are not going to heaven. They are going to hell.

There was a carpenter who lived 2000 years ago who was born in a very religious society that was not Christian who also addressed the topic of “Love Wins” as it deals with the fate of every man and woman.

He accepted as completely true the words of the prophets of his religion, but he rejected the religious systems that had been built up around them.  He preached that religious systems are worthless, or worse than worthless, in trying to earn God’s favor, and that what God really requires is for us to love our fellow humans – all of them  -and to love God genuinely from the heart.  He gathered 12 men around him and taught them. These men applied his teaching, for the most part. So perhaps we can find out what he believed as the fate of every man by looking at their fates.  What was their fate? One committed suicide. 9 died in other countries rather than Israel including Turkey, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, and Syria. Atleast 7 of the 12 were publicly executed by foreigners usually gruesomely. They impacted the world living lives of proclaiming a Kingdom of God, healing people, and casting out evil spirits.



1.Simon (Peter) Crucified upside down in Rome, buried under St. Peter’s Church
2. James (Son of Zebedee, Son of Thunder) Put to death by the sword  in Jerusalem Act 12:2
3. John (Son of Thunder #2) Exiled to Patmos after poison did not work where John had a revelation. Died in Ephesus. Maybe. In his 80s or 90s. MIA
4. Andrew Crucified on a St. Andrews cross (x-shaped) in Greece
5. Philip Crucified in Eastern Turkey
6. Bartholomew (Nathaniel) Skinned Alive and then beheaded in India
7. Matthew (Levi) Left everything, wrote a gospel, died in Iran
8. Thomas Killed by spears in India
9. James (Son of Alphaeus) Stoned in Jerusalem
10. Thaddaeus Died in Syria, many healed at his funeral
11. Simon the Zealot Evangelized in Iran, little is known about him
12. Judas Iscariot Suicide







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