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Africa Needs God

Here are some quotes from an editorial from the London Times, December 27, 2008 entitled As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God.


….but Christians black and white, working in Africa, do heal the sick, do teach people to read and write; and only the severest kind of secularist could see a mission hospital or school and say the world would be better without it.

Whenever we entered a territory worked by missionaries, we had to acknowledge that something changed in the faces of the people we passed and spoke to: something in their eyes, the way they approached you direct, man-to-man, without looking down or away. They had not become more deferential towards strangers – in some ways less so – but more open.

This article is well worth reading! Many of my Christian friends – especially my younger Christian friends –  are planning on going to Africa – Sudan, Kenya, Mozambique and Senegal- to provide healing, education, hope, and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are my heroes! I pray for you guys every day! 


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Philadelphia Weekly’s Cover Story on MeWithoutYou

I was surprised to see “Christ Rocks” on the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly – a free newspaper that is distributed on the streets of Center City.

Here is the article

The article is written by Steven Wells  who followed the band mewithoutYou for 10 days, a band that Gretchen likes so much that she gave me tickets to go to their show for my birthday. But then her mother got sick, so she had to go to California to be with her mom. I spent my birthday, me  without Gretchen at the MeWithoutYou concert at the Traq, and liking them more and more as I listening to what Relevant Magazine recently listed as the seventh strangest thing in Evangelical Christianity.

The article ends with Steven Wells, who is writing from a (cynical) seekers perspective, asking a young woman if what Aaron Weiss (“dumpster diving, celibate, homeless”, lead singer of the band) says makes sense. “It doesn’t have to make sense”, she says.

I believe that what Christ taught makes sense, but life itself does not always make sense. Jesus taught that there is a God who “so loves you”, and that we have a responsibility to love people simply by the fact that God made them. All of the Bible, Jesus teaches, can be summed up in loving God with all your heart and loving people. This has not always been followed by the group of people who call themselves Christians, but it revolutionizes everything when it is followed. This makes sense to me.

Life itself however does not always make sense and is full of surprises and injustices.

This article also discusses Shaine Clainborne, Grace’s Circle of Hope Church, both of Philadelphia, and the Cornerstone Christian Rock Festival that takes place in Illinois, and Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

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The Art * Music * Justice Tour

   update: I am going to this! I bought my tickets and they were only $10 each. If you need a ride, please contact me.

Sara Groves, Derek Webb, Brandon Heath, Sandra McCracken and Charlie Peacock will be at Messiah College on Saturday October 4 at 8 PM.

Gretchen and I plan to be there. Sara Groves and Derek Webb are 2 of my favorite Christian music singers! The other 3 sound good as well. This should be a great concert! 

For more information:

The Tour:

Upcoming Shows ( view all )
Sep 19 2008 7:00P
Wheaton Bible Church Wheaton, Illinois
Sep 26 2008 7:00P
Lee University Convention Center Cleveland, Tennessee
Sep 28 2008 7:00P
Remingtons Springfield, Missouri
Sep 30 2008 7:00P
Christ Presbyterian Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oct 3 2008 7:00P
First Christian Church Canton, Ohio
Oct 4 2008 7:00P
Messiah College Gantham, Pennsylvania
Oct 5 2008 7:00P
Gordon College Concert Wenham, Massachusetts
Oct 6 2008 7:00P
Gordon College- Seminar All Day Wenham, Massachusetts
Oct 9 2008 7:00P
Bethany Lutheran Church Elkhorn, Nebraska
Oct 10 2008 7:30P
Bultman Center Orange City, Iowa
Oct 12 2008 6:30P
Christian Fellowship Church Evansville, Indiana
Oct 16 2008 7:00P
Christ Community Church Tampa, Florida
Oct 17 2008 7:00P
Crossroads Bible Church Cornelius, North Carolina
Oct 18 2008 7:00P
Church of the Cross-Buckwalter Campus Blufton, South Carolina
Oct 19 2008 7:00P
Charleston Music Hall Charleston, South Carolina
Oct 21 2008 7:00P
Christ Community Church Franklin, Tennessee
Oct 23 2008 7:00P
North Monroe Baptist Church Monroe, Louisiana
Oct 24 2008 7:00P
University United Methodist San Antonio, Texas
Oct 25 2008 7:00P
Bent Tree Church Carrollton, Texas
Oct 26 2008 7:00P
The Woodlands United Methodist Church Springs, Texas

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Jesus For President #4

I found the Jesus For President Blog, which gives a day-by-day report on the Jesus for President book tour.  Here is the funniest entry I found – about crossing the Canadian border

The tour comes to Philadephia  tomorrow evening, July 26, 2008.


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Jesus for President #2

There is an interesting article in the latest New Yorker dated June 30, 2008 called The New Evangelicals.

Since 2004, influential pastors and the head of many large faith organizations have set a new national policy agenda, one founded on their understanding of the life of Jesus and his ministry to the poor, the outcast, and the peacemakers. The movement has no single charismatic leader, no institutional center, and no specific goals. It doesn’t even have a name. But it is nonetheless posing the first major challenge to the religious right in a quarter of a century

The New Yorker, Annals of Religion: The New Evangelicals, p 28 by Frances Fitzgerald

The article discusses how the only religious voice in the last presidential election was that of the Christian Right, but that this is changing. Mark Noll, the evangelical historian says “Evangelicals do not want themselves identified as the Republican Party at Prayer”. Rick Warren, “who is the best known evangelical preacher after Billy Graham” because of his book about purposeful living and being the pastor of the Saddleback Church, has repented of not serving the poor, and is calling for a second reformation, one that would be about “deeds not creeds”.

There is a new Christian Manifesto which says that it is the Christian’s duty “never to be completely equated to any party, partisan ideology, economic system or nationality” because “that way faith loses its independence, the church becomes ‘the regime at prayer’, Christians becom ‘useful idiots’ for one political party or another, and the Christian faith becomes an ideology.”

Other Christian leaders discussed in this article are Joel Hunter, Bill Hybels, Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, and Ron Sider.

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Bill Gates is leaving MicroSoft

Bill Gates,52,  just decided to leave MicroSoft. He is cleaning out his desk this Friday.  He is worth $58 billion and has decided to become a philanthropist. Previously he has founded and led a company that made $51 billion last year and employs 78,000 people.




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