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Moon Rocks are disappearing all over the planet

This looks like great fodder for a conspiracy theory or at least a SF story. Moon rocks are disappearing all over the planet.  Scientists cannot find 5 moon rocks that were given to the state of Hawaii:

but it is not just in Hawaii, it is moon rocks generally that are disappearing. According to the above article:

“But Hawaii isn’t alone. Gutheinz said that only about three dozen of the 368 gift moon rocks given to countries and states can now be accounted for.”

So that makes 332 moon rock gifts stolen or unaccounted for, 36 left to go.

Some more articles about this strange phenomena:

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The Love, Hope, and Eat Statues by Robert Indiana

The Love Statue is an icon that is in a lot more places than Love Park in Philadelphia. There is also a Love Statue in Hebrew:


That is located in Jerusulem, Israel.

Robert Indiana’s newest creation is called “Hope” and here is a photograph of that:

And before the Love Statue and the Hope Statue … his first great statue had the word Eat on it:

It debuted at the New York World’s fair in 1964, but hungry people were expecting to get fed when they saw it, so they removed the lights.

Here is the Love Statue in Love Park in Philadelphia:



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Buzz Lightyear and Psalm 84

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have this ridiculous premise that when Andy leaves his room, his toys become alive and start interacting with each other.  These are technologically classic movies which my kids grew up with. They recently came out in 3-D so my family saw them again. Buzz Lightyear comes on the scene as Andy’s special birthday present toy. The problem with Buzz is that he doesn’t realize that he is a toy. Buzz thinks he is a Space Ranger who is fighting the Evil Emperor Zurg. Andy tries to explain to him that he is “only a toy”.

woody_buzz_lightyear_toy_story_2_001.jpg (350×210)

One of my favorite scenes is where Woody is trying to explain to Buzz that he is Andy’s favorite toy, and he shows him his foot, that has “Andy” written on it, the way a six year old would write it. Buzz then shows Woody his foot. It also has Andy written on it – but with more mature handwriting! Touche’ Buzz Lightyear!

When Buzz realizes that he is just a toy, when he sees a commercial on TV, the Space Ranger is all depressed. However, Woody explains that it is not all that bad belonging to Andy. In Toy Story II, Andy finds out that he is a rare and valuable toy and almost gets shipped to a Toy Museum.  Woody changes his mind and decides it is better to be a loved toy for Andy, even though Andy will eventually grow up, and abandon his childish toys.

This is similar to us belonging to God. We are created to belong to God, and if God believes in tattoos, he would tattoo “Jesus” on the soul of our right foot, so that we could show everybody who might question that. We belong to God as children of God. Now somebody might say it would be better to be a Space Ranger and chase evil emperors across the universe, but Andy and Buzz would say:

“For a day in Andy’s bedroom is better than a thousand in a toy museum. I would rather be a toy in Andy’s house than dwell in the tent of Sid’s house.”

which is my Toy Story paraphrase of Psalm 84 which says:

“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God than dwell in the tents of wickedness” Psalm 84:10

It is better to live in reality than in fantasy!


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