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Kansas Prayer

 “Let us pray…Our Father, who art in Lawrence,Hallowed be thy Game.Thy bracket come.Thy upset will be done, In San Antonio as it is in Allen Field House.Give us this day our deserved game.And forgive us our turnovers,As we forgive Roy who double-crossed against us.And lead us not into defeat,But deliver us from East Coast bias,For Kansas is the basketball kingdom,And the tradition,And the glory,For ever and ever.Amen.”

Curry is Human After All

Final(ly) Four

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Britney Spears as a Prophet

And another question haunts me tonight, just as it has haunted me all week. Is it possible – might it just be possible – that Britney Spears is a prophet? That God is saying something through her, that she is a living image of what worshipping fame and fortune really is? Britney Spears might very well be a chosen vessel through whom God is speaking, and If she is then I hope we hear what God is saying before it’s too late – too late for Britney, too late for all of us.

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Footprints In the Sand Poem Spoof

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Memphis College of Art

This is where Gretchen and Hannah are going this weekend. Memphis College of Art is one of the places that Hannah is thinking of going to next year.

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Mother in Law Update

Brynn Mahr Rehabilitation Hospital has been wonderful for my mother-in-law! She hates swimming pools, but somehow they convinced her to go into one, and she started walking in the water! Now she can walk on the land too and she can get out of bed and into her wheelchair by herself.  She is going to get out of the hospital on April 8!

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Jesus, the Spirit of God

Here is a movie that I am thinking of seeing at the Philadelphia Film Festival. It looks like quite a cross-cultural cross-religious experience. I do think that Islam is essentially a spiritual plot to make it difficult for millions to understand who Jesus *really* is, so I am praying about it.

Jesus, the Spirit of God
aka: Issa, Rouhollah
Iran  2007, 100 min

The Islamic view of the life and preaching of Jesus Christ as told in the scriptures of the Koran is depicted in this serious and controversial Iranian drama.
One of the more unusual entries in this year’s Festival, Jesus, the Spirit of God is an Iranian drama on the life and works of Jesus Christ as recounted in the scriptures of the Koran. The result is a serious, non-polemical and thought-provoking look at the man who Christians revere as the Son of God, and Muslims see as a holy man sent to Earth to announce the coming of Mohammed prophet. It is worth noting that the director is a follower of hard-line Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but the film is far from anti-Western as it seeks to find the common ground among Christians and Muslims (his views on what Jews believe may not, however, be so inclusive). Director Nader Talebzadeh sees his movie as an Islamic answer to Western productions like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, a film he has publicly praised but sees as quite simply “wrong.” This is especially evident in the film as it depicts the Muslim belief that Jesus was not crucified, but rather it was Judas who was hung on the cross. The film presents Jesus with a fair complexion and dark blond hair, and his preaching is recounted in a serious fashion. With the screenings bracketed by Easter just before and Passover just after, this Islamic view of Jesus won’t result in mass anti-Muslim demonstrations but will make for intense post-screening religious and cross-cultural discussions. (Persian with English subtitles) — Raymond Murray


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New West Chester Cornerstone Website

My church has a new website  

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I got an account on twitter.comIt is easy to use and is a fun way to talk to your friends and relatives. 


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RIP: Arthur C. Clarke 1918-2008

The last of the big three has died (Asimov, Heinlien, Clarke). It is the end of an era. The golden age of Science Fiction is officially over. There are no SF authors the equal of these writing today.

He is preceded in death by his dog Pepsi which he said:

I’m still missing and mourning my beloved Chihuahua Pepsi, who left us more than a year ago. I’ve just heard that dogs aren’t allowed in Heaven, so I’m not going there.

but I said:

I have just heard that dogs *ARE* allowed to go to heaven and that’s where Pepsi is going!

so, God willing, Clarke and Pepsi are reunited!

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KU’s Basketball Schedule for this weekend

KU’s week-end schedule is as follows (times EDT):

Thursday vs. Portland State University – 12:25PM

Saturday vs. winner of UNLV/Kent St. – 6:50PM tip-off

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