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Craziness in Mozambique

This sounds like something from 1984.

“I can’t believe in justice anymore. I am not informed. There is no respect…They just want us to forget. If you do not have money to pay nothing happens… ” – Chimène Costa, partner of Augusto Cuvilas who was shot and killed by the police in December 2007

The right to life … is the supreme right from which no derogation is permitted even in time of public emergency … The protection against arbitrary deprivation of life…. is of paramount importance. … States parties should take measures not only to prevent and punish deprivation of life by criminal acts, but also to prevent arbitrary killing by their own security forces. – Human Rights Committee, General Comment No. 6, the right to life


In the early hours of the morning of 8 November 2007, Julião Naftal Macule was asleep in a hotel room in Massinga, Inhambane, when police from the Rapid Intervention Force (FIR) suddenly pushed open the door and shot him. The police said they had been told that a wanted criminal — “public enemy number one” — was in the hotel room and when they burst into Julião’s room they immediately shot and killed him. Soon after his death police authorities announced they had captured and killed Agostinho Chauque, “the most wanted criminal in the country”. It was only after journalists asked to see the body that the police said they had not actually caught Agostinho Chauque, but had nevertheless caught and killed “a dangerous criminal”.

News item from Mozambique, Africa.


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