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The United States is giving $700,000 to rebuild Babylon


U.S. forces guarding city of Babylon, currently being rebuilt. (June 2009)

US Forces guarding city of Babylon, currently being rebuilt (June 2009)-

U.S., Iraqi experts developing plan to preserve Babylon, building local tourist industry Stars and Stripes June 28

The U.S. Department of State has given the fund about $700,000 for the project, called “The Future of Babylon,” Holly Evarts, the fund’s spokeswoman, said in a phone interview. The organization is seeking more funding from other sources, she said.

“Iraqi heritage belongs to all humanity,” Samir Sumaida’ie, Iraq’s ambassador to the U.S., said in a statement. “In the immense task of caring for its world heritage, Iraq welcomes help from and collaborations with the international preservation community.”

The ancient city, founded around the 18th century B.C., has sustained damage in recent years from Saddam Hussein’s efforts to make it a tourist attraction, from looting after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003 and from being used as a military base during the Iraq War.





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Summer 2009: Free things to do in Chester County

Big G And The Cool Cats
Nixon Park
Friday, July 17, 7:30-9:30 pm. Raindate Sunday, July 19, 7:30 – 9:30 (Driving Directions)

Big G And The Cool Cats Swing Band, featuring Big George Whittam and vocalist Barbara Kovachs, promise you a great performance. The band covers a wide range of music for all generations from Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington to Earth, Wind And Fire and Brian Setzer. This talented group of musicians performs all over the tri-state area including Sunnybrook, the largest dance hall east of Chicago. The band is full of energy and George says he is determined to get his audience on their feet, dancing in the park. As leader of the band, George likes to share interesting facts with his audience. Come out, bring a guest and enjoy the show

Turks Head Festival –  The bands have been announced here! The festival is on Sunday, July 19 at Everhart Park, West Chester and there will be people selling crafts, tethered hot air balloon rides, and other things to do. This looks like it will be as good as the Roots Picnic – and even better, because it is free.

They are Build a band, Flux capicator, The Hustle, lower case blues, The Sleepwells, Jim George, Chemistry Music, Phantasm, the Scatologists, Rob Deiner and Anomaly, and Spanish Blue (alternative hip hop with funk rok edge)

Movies in Marshal Square Park:

July 7 – Hancock

July 21 – Iron Man

August 18 – Wall-E

(the movies start when the sun goes down)

Concerts at EagleView

Concerts at Miller Park

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One Billion are Starving

19 June 2009 – The number of people on the brink of starvation is set to reach a record high of 1.02 billion – or one-sixth of the global population – in 2009, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) projected today.

Is there not a spiritual war going on? Are not the demons using every weapon at their disposal to make the rich and spiritual blind, and to keep the poor poor and to keep people with no access to the gospel to continue to have no access to the gospel? Is not the gospel powerful? Will people not say “When were you hungry?” on judgement day?

Every believer should have a mixed financial portfolio to advance Kingdom Goals on our planet, which God has told Jesus to:

“Rule in the midst of your enemies” (Psalm 110:2)

and has given “All authority in heaven and earth” (Matt 28:18)
to Jesus.

Every Christian should have money designated for the war effort.
A good mixed portfolio should include both micro-loans to the world’s poor AND micro-gifts to the world’s missionaries who are preaching the gospel. This is not a situation where you give to the poor and not to the gospel or to the gospel and not to the poor. They are interlinked.

A missionary from Bangladesh recently found me on Facebook. Her name is Shiuly Baroi, and she lives in Bangladesh. I have talked to her on facebook, and she has sent me pictures and testimonies of successfully reaching college students for Christ.
I believe this couple is going to reach Bangladesh with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have decided to give them financial help. 

Her web site is or you can become her friend on facebook.

A good site to make microloans is


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Iran Guardian Council:Iran’s Vote Count is incorrect

This is from PressTV, the government press of Iran. The Iran Guardian Council admits that more than 100% voted in 50 Cities to the tune of 3 million ballots.

How can anyone  who knows basic arithmetic conclude anything else but that there is irregularities going on? There are three million reasons in fifty different cities  for the government to stop killing the student demonstrators, and have another election instead. The demonstrators are 100% right, and the clerics are 110% wrong!

This is not Islam. This is not religion. This is murder  in the name of political power, that is being televised on youtube and reported on twitter. God hates this.

I would encourage any news hound to go to, and register for an account. After you register you should type in #IranElection in the search text box on the right hand side (or click on it)

You will be barraged with tweets. Soon (about 5 seconds) you will see a line telling you that there has been 76 more tweets since your last update – most are eyewitness acounts or links to videos.  May truth prevail!

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Wild Thing by Josh Cole

Here is a movie that was written, directed, and edited by my son Josh. I have gotten phone calls about this!


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Cheap Airfares

Check out: 


This is what I am finding as the cheapest tickets for today (June 3, 2009)

Atlantic City, NJ  to Memphis, TN  $178 round trip,  $89 one way

Allentown, PA to Savannah GA  $206 round trip

Philadelphia, PA to Kansas City MO $208 round trip

This site gives you regional searches and you must be very flexable about your dates.

Also check out:

Spirit Airways is offering $9 tickets with an asterick and a lot of small print for other charges they might charge you. I haven’t tried this.

and, of course, always check:

which tends not to be reported by the other airline search engines, but often has the lowest price.

you can also bid on to see if that will get you an even lower price.





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