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Hannah Art

Here is one of Hannah’s paintings. I am trying to figure out a way to shrink 2MG jpg files to a reasonable size for viewing, so that is why I am not posting a lot more! Hannah is having a wonderful time at the Art Institute of Chicago this summer! She is learning a lot.
Hannah - Don’t Forget Me


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Hannah is at the Art Institute of Chicago

My daughter, Hannah Cole, who is between her Junior and Senior year in High School is currently attending a college-credit summer art school at the Art Institute of Chicago! The tuition was quite high, but she was able to get all the money together with scholarships, working at the Dollar Store, and requesting money for this purpose instead of  presents for Christmas and her birthday!

So, I am quite proud of her. She is doing painting and drawing all day and evening and is enjoying it as well as being quite challenged by it. We drove her to the Philadelphia airport last Sunday.  She needs a pot to cook in because they don’t feed the artists. I will try to post some of her art in the near future. 

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The Simple Way House burns in Seven Alarm Kensington Fire

The Simple Way Community  is a Christian “Intentional Community dedicated to ending Proverty” and is where Shane Claiborne, author of the book The Irresistible Revolution – living as an ordinary radical , lives in Philadelphia.

From their web site:

6/20/07 – 3AM
At around 3am community members of the simple way 3200 house awoke to the sound, heat and flames of the warehouse across the street. Residents on Potter Street were all evacuated safely. By morning, it was a seven alarm fire that consumed many of the houses in the neighborhood, including the simple way’s 3200 Potter Street house.

and here is a movie about what happened:

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Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The vote in the senate is scheduled for 5:30 tonight. It will be a major blow to the “stranger” and “alien” in the United States if it does not pass – from deaths in the desert to deportations that separate familes – the immigration policy in the United States is broken.


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Free Christian Music

To get a free Christian Music Sampler, try the following:

 1. Download iTunes for Mac or Windows, free of charge,
2. Open iTunes and click iTunes Store.
3. Click
Redeem.  (this was in the quick links window in th Itunes Store)
4. Enter the code below. Your download will start
    immediately. Enjoy.
Download Code: 3LHJPW6L4XM7
Code Expiration: July 31, 2007

This is what you will get:

Thank God I’m Not the One      The Afters

Play it Safe                                    Dizmas

Wake Up                                       KJ-52 featuring Toby Morrell of Emery

Change                                           Bethany Dillon

The Highest and Greatest            Tim Hughes

This is a Christian Sampler to advertise the Creation Music Festival June 27-30 at Agape Farm in Mt. Union PA

Please leave a comment if this worked/didn’t work for you. The password is only good until July 31, 2007. It worked for me.


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Jan’s Art Gallery Show

Jan (Hickam) Bogart has an art show in post-industrial Flint Michigan! Jan is a good friend of mine from high school, college, and we have kept in touch through email ever since. Here is the link:

The gallery now has pictures from the show on it’s website, for those who have not seen the installation: Go to “Heart Rate 4” to see the current show.

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Apostle Paul’s Rejection Letter

A humorous essay by a missionary agency rejecting the Apostle Paul as a missionary on the basis of his ideas on tent making, arguing with Peter, going to an unaccredited school in Arabia, being an unskilled public speaker, handling snakes, speaking in tongues a great deal, been in jail, hurting business for business men, making travel decisions based on dreams, preaching long sermons which result in people falling asleep and falling from windows, and claiming to be an apostle.

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Bob Dylan at Hershey, June 24, 2007

I thought you’d like the following, from a midnight interview of Dylan, at a Fort Lauderdale hotel a few years ago:Question: When you look ahead now, do you still see a Slow Train Coming?Dylan: When I look ahead now, it’s picked up quite a bit of speed. In fact, it’s going like a freight train now.  


I was going to write a review of this concert – but Gretchen already did and she said almost exactly what I was thinking – it was an awesome outdoor concert on a perfect summer night.  He is a poet and a musician for the ages. But he doesn’t have the greatest singing voice (although its getting better with age!).

Here is my wife’s review

Gretchen and I went to see a Bob Dylan concert last night at Hershey Park

Here is a link about Bob Dylan’s faith:

and here is my favorite Bob Dylan site, with lots of concert information:


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Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands Safely in California

Atlantis Landing

Atlantis  landed at Edwards Air Force Base at 3:49 EDT

  • The mission (STS 117) left on June 8th
  • It arrived at the International Space Station on June 10
  • They added a new set of solar array truss structures to increase the station’s power capabilities, and did repairs during 4 space walks
  • It is the 118th Space Shuttle Mission
  • It is the 21rst mission to visit the international space station
  • Suni Williams came back with this flight – she went to the space station on STS-116
  • Suni Williams broke the space endurance record for women on June 16 at 194 days, 18 hours, 58 minutes
  • 5.8 million miles were added to Atlantis’ Speedometer during this mission
  • The next mission STS-118 is scheduled to launch in August


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Suni Williams farewell words on the International Space Station

Sunita Williams, who broke the record for the longest time in space by a woman (6 months) is returning from the International Space Station Today. Space Shuttle Atlantis is planned to land at the Kennedy Space Center at 1:55 EDT, if the predicted thunderstorms hold off. Here are her inspirational words before she left the space station. There are some pauses in the recording.

Suni Williams Farewell message

latest news

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